Thursday, 8 July 2010

Obelisk and This and That

The allotment gardener has made me an obelisk for my herbaceous border - I am well pleased with it - it is blue and gold - I have attached a pic for you to see - the idea is to plant a climber alongside but I prefer to see the obelisk - so I will give that a miss.

This week I have taken my streptocarpus cuttings and also two cuttings from a zygo cacti - this one is cream and is refusing to flower - so I am taking cuttings - hopefully they will flower for me.

I have read recently in the daily newspaper a tip on growing the Blue Himalayan Poppy - use nothing more than spent tomato gro bags - I love these plants - I saw them growing semi wild in a natural setting a time ago at Aberglasney in Wales

We have picked our first beetroot and broad beans from the allotment - and mange tout peas have been picked and sampled - and enough also to blanch and freeze for later months.
Sungold Tumbler Tomatoes - have started to produce and also first courgettes - sampled in a pasta - with plenty of garlic - thyme and black pepper - very tasty

Hey Hey - bargain of the week - a campanula and a rose - Lady Mitchell plus half price Tand M seeds for next year from the local gardening centre

Sweetpeas are super this year - the colours are so intense- some of the seed was bought from The Shrewsbury Flower Show last year - tip - sweetpeas should be gathered early - to catch the dew on them this ensures they keep their colour - rather than gathering them in full sunshine ( Garden Wisdom - Bernard Schofield )

The Allotment Gardener is having trouble with rabbits - he is trying to discourage them - we have set foxgloves - (which apparently they hate )next to the cabbage and also dill at the top of the garden (they have a weakness for this and will touch nothing else in the garden in preference to this - according to (Garden Wisdom) I will keep you posted on the outcome

First buds are showing on own grown heliotrope plants - can't wait to see them flower - I shall post a pic as soon as possible - new in flower in the green house Rebutia cacti and Pelargonium Unique (Polka) Seeds set Digitalis Apricot - and Viola plants have been potted on

In the kitchen this week Leek and Gruyere Cheese Flan - recipe posted hopefully - bye bye for now and happy pottering in the garden


  1. Sounds like things are coming along delightfully. Except for the rabbits.

    I'm harvesting the first of my spinach from my micro-garden this week.

  2. Hi Rob-bear - thanks for visiting - do you have any green methods for scooting rabbits off ? and do you have any unwelcome visitors in your garden?

  3. That obelisk is something else. Going to ask MiC to make me one. Jealous of your sweet peas too. Mine have only just started to flower. Lovely blog and piccys. We're all off to the Boot on Sunday.


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