Thursday, 20 January 2011

Today and Yesterday

Today and yesterday has been gloriously sunny in Shropshire with blue skies and the promise of Spring - although the early mornings have been frosty and cold - so in someways a mixed bag of unpredictable walking weather - but the frost of course makes it less muddy-so over the fields we went on the morning hike today with fine views of Pontesbury Hill - see pic below

The garden is full of birds on the feeders - newest arrival to our garden is a pair of Bramblings - they have joined the flock of goldfinch - greenfinch - and chaffinch feeding on the niger and sunflower hearts - see pic
Yesterday morning -a trip out to Attingham - the river although in flood was remarkably calm and the ducks were enjoying a swim defiantly in no mans land -lots of activity going on - tree felling and general tidying up -getting ready for the snowdrop walks - beleive it or not that will be February - not long to go

Two more pics of the park - sunlight on the trees on the woodland walk what an eyecatcher - and I could'nt resist the shot through the gate onto the park catching the frost on the grass - I love gate pics - they have a fascination for me
Later on in the day I walked on Lyth Hill - the pic taken below is of a favourite tree - so proud on the hillside against the blue sky - also I have included two pics of the hills in the distance the Lawley and Caer Caradoc - shrouded in mist - as always difficult to get a clear shot even when it is sunny

I have spent a lot of time over the last two days out and about making the most of the sunny weather!!

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  1. Looks gorgeous, love the gnarled trees....


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