Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Ellesmere Last Saturday

Saturday was a lovely sunny day the sort of day just begging for a drive out and a long walk - enjoying time out from the usual rush of things - in other words a wind down - so we decided to go out to Ellesmere and take a walk around the mere.

The Mereside area was really busy - lots of activities - that day in the information centre - scopes were in place to view the herons out on the island returning to their nests - just one pair on Saturday - but more are expected - a CCTV screen is in place in readiness to view the nest activities.
Also as we walked alongside the water - we were able to watch a mallard being ringed - this was a first for me - I have always wondered how this was done without harm coming to the bird - the guy was talking to some people and was casually throwing duck food into the mere - and then suddenly out his arm swung and a net plunged into the water and out came a duck .
The guy ( I was so shocked I never asked his name )!! calmly held the duck who remained calm and did not struggle - but he did pooh down the chaps trousers - well would you blame him ! anyway apparently different sized rings are made for each species - the ring was carefully put in place and then checked to see that it moved easily round the leg and was not to tight or to loose to catch up in anything - the ring no was recorded( see book in the corner of the pic) and the duck was then released back onto the mere - there was much quacking from all parties and off he swam.

I really don't want to be here!
My My - thank goodness I put on my best undies
Lets' get out of here!


  1. Haven't been to Ellesmere for ages. Glad you had a nice day out. Fascinating watching the mallard being ringed. Brilliant pics. x

  2. Last year watching the ducks by the Mere a young couple arrived with a large loaf, a big Goose (dont know what kind he is you will probably have seen him)took one look and this loaf and gave chase, it was very funny to watch,he chased them to the far end of the Mere.

  3. Love the comments to go with the photos Jayne, they made me smile. Fabulous to get so close to the duck and then see it swim away quite unperturbed.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog Molly - it was so unexpected to see the Mallard being ringed and the guy was so interesting and answered everyones questions.x

    Jayne lovely to hear from you - there was a large goose there that we were told was very bossy and that he thought he was in charge - his name is George he is apparently a cross bred a sort of domestic x grey lag x

    Hello Posie - I loved your blog about the goose count and your pics yes I could not believe how trusting the duck was - the guy said he had had years of training on bird ringing and that there was a lot to learn about it - x

  5. Years ago, Bear's mum used to band (or ring) birds for the Canadian Wildlife Service. Researchers learn all kinds of things about ages of birds and travel patterns through banding.

    Thanks for dropping by our blog and leaving a note.

  6. My goodness, Jane, you have a wonderful collection of picture here! Variety of subjects with delightful composition.

  7. Lovely to hear from you Miss Sadie - thanks for calling by - bird migration and their varied lives are a fascination to me, interesting to hear that you call ringing (banding ) your side of the pond.


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