Tuesday, 13 November 2012

R is for....

R is for Relaxation - Recreation and R is for the Rea Valley camera club. A once monthly event held at Pontesbury in the local church foyer - a chance for like minded souls to get together - take time out to chill and play cameras for one night only and drink coffee - eat biscuits and chat. This month the subject was Birds in Flight - so entries were strategically placed by one and all onto the wooden tressels in the foyer - our pics are across in the side bar - joint third was the score - nothing like a bit of healthy competition!! The evening included a practical session of visual effects using torches - sparklers and the like - inside the church and outside - lights were switched off and torches waved around in figures of eight and different shapes - producing some interesting results. Then those willing and able to do so trooped outside into the cold and murky November air - to the back of the church - whispering and joking - for a moment returning to their second childhood!! Sparklers were lit and here are some of the results
My header pic is taken from the church path looking down to the village - I think it shows well the mood of the night! Why not pop over to ABC Wednesday for other posts for the letter R


  1. Cool! I love playing with, and photographing sparklers.

  2. Terrific capture of the torches and sparklers. My camera isn't fast enough to capture the lines.

  3. The header is stunning and the photos of the sparklers very great!
    Thanks for taking part in the ABC meme!
    Wil, ABC Team

  4. Oh gee, that sounds like great fun...maybe my hubby will play with me like that and we can have an enjoyable night together.

    abcw team

  5. Wonderful ! not only beautiful but certainly a lot of fun too !
    ABC Team


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