Saturday, 2 March 2013


Just a bit of a one liner really - but just looked at my phone - I have recently tried to set up a email on my phone - granddaughter is off to New York soon for her hols - well it is a pre-wedding hen do thing and she wants to email me how she is getting on - well I don't know what I did but I seem to have set up some sort of blogger help line - and I have received 64547 emails in the space of days -all asking for help - I hope none are yours !!


  1. That sounds a bit ominous - hope they don't charge. It wouldn't be spam that you're getting? I think I'd either get on to Google to see what is happening or delete that account and start again. Hope you can sort it soon xx

    1. I have set phone back to factory settings - that seems to have done the trick - cie la vie!1

  2. Phew, so glad you fixed it - had me really worried. I'm never quite sure what I'm doing when I click this and click that. Did you see that on the news where that little 5 year old boy borrowed his Dad's iPhone, got hold of his password and ran up a bill for 3 noughts.

  3. Replies
    1. What for blogger help or a bed at the hospital!!


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