Wednesday, 28 April 2010


This is a poem written by my 9 year old grandson - he has some learning problems and also sometimes lives in his own fantasy world
The poem is pure fantasy and does not relate to my grandsons' headteacher in any way - (names omitted)

I was staring up at this big fella
A biker dude clad in leather
He ride a harley day and night
And can give you a big fright
Mr L.......... is his name
He's our head teacher
And he's not insane

He owns a huge house
Ninety storeys high
He also has a massive craving
For steak and blueberry pie
Some say he's top gears stig
I wonder if its a fib

He sleighs the dragons
With his mighty gun
Taught me
That punctuations fun
I wonder who told him that
Perhaps it was his mum

His wife is a gangster
Dives around in a truck
Murdered seventy kings and queens
Wins all the paintball games
Because she has good luck
You can bet your life on her
Although she has no name

This is a poem about my head teacher
Mr L..... is his name
And he's not insane

..............class 5


  1. Amazing. Sounds like he's describing somebody big and scary. You can almost imagine this big hairy biker bombing towards him and then getting mixed up in a computer game.

  2. What an amazing poem. Brilliant! Well done him.


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