Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Gardening News

This week lots to do in the garden - first of all - arrival of 66 baby Heliotrope from Suttons - quite small - but healthy plugs - potted on and put in the greenhouse - must say that I am very pleased with my own Heliotrope seed planting - they are now much bigger plants - so we shall see what happens.

Potted on own miniature yellow foxgloves - seeds set 25th Feb - I have left these in the greenhouse for the moment to get used to things and also because it is so cold at night.

Planted on summer bulbs for a good display later in the year- and put pots of gladioli started off in the greenhouse - out on the front patio - with my hosta plant - which is doing very well protected by slugproof gel bought at the Shrewsbury Flower Show last year - it really works!

Sweetcorn - courgette and French bean plants continue to grow in the greenhouse - these are my contribution to the allotment - to be planted out early next month - radish are already through and should produce later this month.

Plan to transplant lettuce plants later this week - during a dry spell - and cover with a home made cloche to be made from glass given to me by a friendly neighbour

Checked on Canna Lily - planted in a pot - now in the greenhouse - but no sign of life there so I watered it and gave it a good talking to - so we shall watch that space

Pleone bulbs set in a trough have produced a leaf but no flower as yet - and violas are in flower - my favourite being a white one that I have had many years - viola seeds saved last year are through but I didn't label them so am unsure of the colour - so that will be a nice surprise - note to self - always make time to write out a label!!

Easter cacti has burst into bloom - better late than never - and cerisepink zygocacti buds continue to burst open - always amazing me - their size and depth of colour - note to self - to replace cream and orange plants lost over period of time - a truly stunning bloom

Casualty this month Jasminum polyanthum - sorry to say I think I may have been to generous with the watering - a costly mistake.

Potted on Streptocarpus plugs bought from Malvern Spring Show - own cuttings also are doing well - have also joined the Streptocarpus Society - and plan to grow more of these plants -

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  1. Hiya Jane. Love your pictures. The apple blossom is gorgeous. Manage to persuade MiC - we're off to the Smallholders & Gardeners do at Builth Wells tomorrow :>) Have a good day at Attingham on Sun xxx


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