Thursday, 10 June 2010

Newquay - First day

We have just returned from a few days in Newquay Wales - to celebrate our 40 something wedding anniversary - we stayed on a farm just outside Newquay - Dylan Thomas lived here for a time in a bungalow called Majoda - where he started to write Under Milkwood - LLareggub being the town under Milkwood - based on Newquay and some of its inhabitants - spelt backwards !!- well need I say more.

We had a mix of weather - but in between the storms - we were able to walk the coastal path daily - the rain and mist enhanced the colours and perfumes of the wild flowers.

First walk was along the coastal path past Gull Rock and the observatory - this lookout has had many uses through out history and was last used in the 60's by the coastguards - now it is used by bird watchers and during the summer months to monitor the dolphin movement - whilst we were there a mass of gulls were storming the sea in what seemed like a frenzied attack - there must have been hundreds of them - they seemed to keep circling round and then diving to the centre of the group - we asked a fisherman later in the local pub if he could explain this activity and we were told that they would be attacking a shoal of fish

We walked along the edge of the cliffs and marvelled at the flowers - red campion - sea thrift - white campion - sweet pea - and elegant foxgloves and fennel - a mass of colour. the cliff path has been so well cared for and has been stepped out to make the most of every view available

Another gull activity - gulls in a stock watering tank - obviously fed up with the salty water out to sea!

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