Monday, 31 May 2010

Bank Holiday Fix

Today - must have my fix - a walk in the park - comfy old trackies on - walking shoes - bag over shoulder plus my bins - just in case - oh and must have! the dog - like she would let herself be left behind - quick dash to do the chores then out to the Sports and away we go - both with our seat belts on - yes I mean the dog as well - she gives me the look if I forget to strap her in - not so that my driving is so bad.

Ok - so today we took the route through the woods - rabbits today and squirrels - took them by surprise - heh we were early - freshly dug mole hills - do you know that I have not seen a mole for many a year - but obviously they are still there burrowing away - living their lives in a myriad of tunnels under the turf.

Today the Laburnham trees have come into their best - reminding me again of that wonderful Luburnham arch at Bodnant - seen and photographed a couple of years ago - I must search that one out and post it on the blog.Also the pink Hawthorn was out - looking good against the last of the bluebells and the Campion.

I decided to change the walk a little today and veered off to the left under the ancient pine trees and past the hall - to see if the swans were nesting on the island in the river. I did not get as far as the island - because on the far side of the river in the reeds I spotted two swans - I reached for my bins and lo and behold - yes they had a nest and belive it or not a mallard duck was sat dangerously close to the nest - but neither swans or duck seemed put out about this - such is life in the world of nature.

I turned to make my way back to the pathway when my gaze was caught by a flash of bluey black - then another and another - they were dragonflies or maybe damselflies - now I do not know a lot about either but made a note to self to check this out at a later date

A quick browse in the NT book shop finished off my morning fix


  1. Jane - hiya - I loved your walk and my virtual walk with you. Lucky you finding that swan's nest and the blue dragonflies - haven't seen any of them for years. Glad you had a brill day! Call round when you're down our way. xxxx

  2. That sounds lovely Jane ~ really like the pic of the auricula at the top there - love them.

    I have miles of wilderness to walk in but sometimes long for a 'park'!


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