Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Donkey Sanctuary

I have just received my newsletter from the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth Devon - included was this poem that I would like to share with you it was written by Dr Elisabeth Svendsen from the sanctuary.

I have attached the website address at the bottom of the poem - perhaps you may like to visit

It's cold and dark, and I'm standing alone
On a wet,boggy pasture I have to call home
If I try to lie down my coat gets all wet
And although I am freezing , I'm covered in sweat

I'm worried

I'm not sure why.but I've pain in my feet
I've turned right around so my back's to the sleet
But my legs are all shaky and I just cannot stand
And sink to the ground to lie on the land

I'm frightened

I'm scared that I won't be alive for the dawn
I'm starving, with no chance to eat till the morn
And sleep seems impossible I'm so very cold
I'm not very big and I don't think I am old.

I'm shivering

I think I am dreaming - I see a bright light
And I hear people's voices,coming near in the night
"He must be near here - it's where he was seen
And the footsteps come nearer - I'm lit up in a beam.

I'm startled

"Oh my god ,here he is, in a terrible state
I just hope we've found him before it's too late"
And gentle hands lift me, I just cannot stand
And they carry me off over wet ,boggy land.

And I'm worried again

I cannot remember the rest of the night
I rested on straw as we drove until light
Then tender hands lifted me out of the van
And a kind voice said "try to stand if you can"

And I tried

I was helped to a stable, so warm and so clean
Given hay and water - the best meal I've seen
And they bathed my feet and I felt this was heaven
For God had found me sanctuary in Devon

And I never had to worry again!

web site www.thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk


  1. That's a lovely poem. Good job there are people around to rescue donkeys or any little animal in distress. Your little doggy looks as if she's in seventh heaven though. She knows where it's good!

  2. Yes ... me too I need my weekly fix - a walk in the park !!

  3. I just don't understand it when people neglect animals this way - what a moving poem! Love the photographs.

  4. Thanks for visiting Molly and Tattie - I look in on the sanctuary web site now and again to view the web cams - at Christmas the Sanctuary hold a Candlelight Service fo £1 you can purchase a candle to be lit with your own little message attached - for me it is a memory of my mother - she loved donkeys Jane x

  5. Love the photo of the horses Jane, wow. A very moving poem, I also cannot understand cruelty to animals, they give so much and are so trusting, they deserve a good life.


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