Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Garden Memories and This and That

When I take a walk into my garden - which is as often as I can - I look at plants and remember times gone by - when that plant came into my garden - maybe the gift of a friend - bought as a reminder of a special time or grown from seed always bringing back memories of people and times past.

I have posted pics of some of my favourites and reminded self of days gone by and have felt a little sad at times whilst writing this blog.

The yellow daisy - this is what we call it - I am not sure of its correct horticultural name - was given to me by a neighbour who sadly died in the garden next door from a heart attack - it flowers well every year - and the Tansy came as a baby plant from the Monastery shop on Caldey Island in Wales.

The bright Red dahlia is one of three bought fom the League of Friends shop at the local hospital - Bishop of Llandaff - it has a dark red foliage - and seems to be doing well - I must try to keep this for next year - heads in books to see what to do !!

The allotment gardeners shed is looking very colourful this year and the rabbits seem to have moved on to better things - maybe the foxgloves do work - but now the caterpillar invasion has begun - so heads down to sort this out - the runner beans are cropping well and the garlic has done well - this is now drying out in the greenhouse - the row of sunflowers at the bottom of the allotment look very continental - I am sure the birds will appreciate these during the winter to come.

My streps bought as plugs from the Malvern Show are beginning to flower and my own cuttings are flowering too - also I have sent to Dibleys for a special plug - a species strep called Blue Moon - see pic in side panel.

Oh and I must blow own trumpet - I have posted a pic in the side panel of own grown heliotrope in flower - plus a bee - obviously well impressed - I have already bought the seed to grow more plants for next year! half price of course!

Lots to do in the garden - weeds are flourishing unfortunately - on my to do list - after blogging of course!


  1. I love this blog you've written J. and the pictures - stunning. Not long now until Shrewsbury Flower Show. Good luck with your + Allotment Gardener's entries!

  2. Thanks for visiting Molly - yes we are going to the Shrewsbury Flower Show - we didn't make it to Tatton


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