Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Bits and Bobs from the Malvern Show

Off we went on Saturday - full of anticipation - sat nav at the ready - with a promise of sunny (if a little cold) weather.
We took a route down through Leominster and along the leafy lanes to Malvern - a well chosen route cutting out the notorious M6 - the sat navs favourite.
On arrival we parked up - put on warm jackets and sensible shoes and in we went through South Gate - popping into a marquee to warm up with tomato and basil soup - which had been seasoned well with pepper to add spice to the day and chunks of crusty bread.
We began to work our way up the first avenue dipping in and out of the many exhibition and trade stands - Juicy apples £2 for a large bag - wallflowers £1 a bunch and much more to tempt the eager visitors.

A visit to the Floral Halls was a must - as always excellent displays - with so many choices of plants to gaze upon and to buy - one of my favourites being the display of alpines - both plants and bulbs - such colour - and the Streptocarpus of course I fell by the wayside here and bought two plants - Fallinf Stars and Saxorum.

Outside again and past Oscar the Clydedale - demonstrating the art of log pulling and the falconer practising his skills at flying his birds - but oh dear ! one was a bit naughty and went for a fly around - one man said to me 'Ido love itwhen things don't go to plan' but then the falconer produced a dead something and after a couple of rounds of the ring - the bird flew down for hissupper - actually I think it was a girl' anyway the falconer scooped her up thankfully - and no harm done

Now best foot forward and into the Goodlife Exhibition Marquee - lots going on here - demonstrations - talks and advice to would be gardeners like me and also to see how gardening again had come up trumps and given a lifeline to those in need - H.M Prisons had a display showing how gardening had given to many precious hope.

On to the silk farm demo - complete with fat bright green caterpillars - chooping away - and large beautifully coloured moths - I was asked if I would like one to sit on my hand - what an amazing experience.
The Indian silk moth -Samia ricine - is usually fed on the Castor Oil Plant - but apparently also likes our English Privit - finding it quite acceptable

Next onto the Exhibitors Marquee to view the fine array of vegetables and flowers - dahlias - alpines - bulbs and many more .Huge marrows - pumpkins - onions adorned the veg section - what a great day - I certainly hope I can visit the Spring 2011 Malvern Flower Show

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  1. Sounds like you had a brilliant day there. I love the Malvern Show. Weather looks as if it was good too. The silk moth on your arm looks fascinating - the caterpillars too. They didn't have them when went a couple of years ago


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