Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Feel Good Factor


What gives you the feel good factor? - what does it for you? - what freaks you out- calms you down- takes you to another world of perhaps make believe or good old reality?
Maybe a spot of retail therapy - a glass or two of chilled white - or is it a good book tucked up in your favourite pjs - or maybe an hour or two spent blogging - what the harm because we all must reach a balance - and to achieve our goal we all take different routes.
Life is one big old merry go round - and the trick is not to let go - I believe that life offers each of us endless choices and it is up to us as individuals which route we take.

What did you do today that gave you that feel good factor?
I have included pics of my feel good factor for the day - a stroll around the Victorian gardens at Attingham - click on the boards to read the text.

Just needed to share this with someone - while down the local pub - for a glass of said white wine or two - local farmer telling a tale - that a few years back when living in Dorset - his brother brewed cider - and on one occasion the cider was left in an open vat in a shed (very hygienic!) - a cow got in and drank the cider - poor thing was so drunk for 3 days she had to be milked sitting down!

PS We have a new dog on the block called Riley - he is a rescue dog and belongs to my son - pics to follow


  1. Oh Jane...'Wenlock Edge', it feels like touching home. Lovely gardens. What gives me the feel good factor...lots of things, sunshine and a refreshing walk along a beach, new clothes and nice lipstick, and a good giggle with a good group of friends...so many things have the feel good factor. I do feel in life things happen for a reason and it is a bumpy old ride, that doesn't go according to any plans...

  2. I so enjoyed reading your blog. Lovely pics! What's been the Feel Good factor here today? Well I've been to Shrewsbury for our new specs and we've both stopped bumping into things. C not so good - got the flu! Perhaps a drop of that alcoholic milk might buzz him up!!

  3. Well Jane, reading this post made me feel good and your pics are great. The Sunday walk one is fantastic, so atmospheric and so autumnal.

  4. Hello Jane! I did not know you have a blog, sorry. And such a nice one!
    I love your description of Malvern Show and now Attingham and the "feel good factor" - so true, one has to have one every day.
    I have fallen in love with Oscar.
    I am not surprised that Alnwick was so crowded. I would have given priority to Hovick first, I think Alnwick is too famous now ;-).
    Will be going to visit the South next week. Starting on the Isle of Wight.

  5. Posie - I thought of you when I read that board - so pleased it brought back memories of Wenlock for you

    Molly - Sorry C is poorly - hope he is soon better - be careful with those specs now -

    Cait - Lovely to hear from you

    Bayou - Have a lovely time on the Isle of Wight



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