Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Just a few pics and catchup

Blackbird waiting on driveway hedge 'Come on hurry up the sultana dish is empty!


No ghost trains on the Old Potts Line - but it is ghostly white

St Alkmunds Church in Shrewsbury

Click on the pic to spot the ball

Lone Walker- not me on this occasion!

I am posting a few pics of the snow for the blog - I have a gorgeous animated Christmas Card that was sent to me by Email - and I have tried all ways to post it to my blog - to no avail - if anyone reads this post and knows how to do it please tell me!
This week has been hectic my Dad is poorly and in hospital and I have been on the road or in the hospital most of the week - I have just had a phone call from the physios to say he will be in hospital until at least the 29th of December - so I am blogging to try and be normal and not to stress and so that I can be sunny and cheerful when I go back into the hospital.
My Christmas preparations are all on hold - the christmas cake is sitting in its cake tin in its marzipan jacket and the grandchildrens prezzies are unwrapped -I am taking deep breathes and soldiering on - pipes have been unfrozen and the heating is on so we are getting there!


  1. Love the pic of the Old Potts line Jane. So sorry to hear your dad is in hospital and that your life has been thrown into turmoil...if I was nearer I would come and help you wrap those presents...just take care and I do hope your dad is better soon, Posie

  2. J I'm so sorry to hear that your Dad is in hospital. Hope he's on the mend again soon - but a real worry for you especially with the weather so bad. Your pictures are lovely. Hope you and B are keeping well. Love C + O xx


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