Tuesday, 7 December 2010


What is reality - just a word or can it be broken down into several meanings - what does it signify to you - the Dictionary gives us - The sum of all that is real,absolute and unchangeable.

Reality brings us down to earth - the exact opposite to blogging - where we can escape to another world - pack up our troubles in our old kit bag as the saying goes.

Reality to me is the cold harsh need for domestic routines - family organisation and endless shopping trips.

Reality also can be counting our blessings for what we have - family - friends - etc - looking on the bright side - stealing those moments to do as we like - for everyone must have an escapism

My daily walks are important to me to recharge my batteries and increase my metabolism - as are the books on my shelves and the plants in my greenhouse and garden - and now I have to finish my blog British Gas have just rung to say they will be with me in approx 10 mins to complete our annual service on our combi boiler - unfortunately the stark reality is that we have a frozen pipe and to solve the problem - B has disconnected a pipe and we now have a bucket under the boiler in the airing cupboard - to catch the surplus water - I don't think that somehow we are going to pass the engineers tests with flying colours !


  1. Just catching up Jane, I haven't been near the computer for the past week or so. Lovely frosty photos of your dog walks... and Thomas the tank engine was spectacular, my son used to be glued to his Thomas videos.

  2. PS We are keeping all of the taps dripping here to try and avoid frozen pipes...

  3. Hope the pipe is fixed now. get ready for round two - very cold again tonight and snow forecast tomorrow. Use to get excited about snow not anymore.

  4. Hope all gets repaired quickly!


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