Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Dear Diary

This week has been a tale of calamities really , my computer crashed and aged father was not to sparky either!

I have been computerless for pretty much a week , and everytime I rang up anxiously for news the comment from the engineer was that it was on the bench!

Things are improving at last - my computer is back, and so I can start catching up on my blogging - father is looking up - I took him out for a spin in his car yesterday - and a combination of spring sunshine , flowers and maybe my speedy driving seemed to give him a new lease on life.

Last week B and myself had a glorious 4 days in Pembroke, which dear diary I must share with you shortly.

Header pic on blog - a beach - a dog - and moi - a sneaky shot from B!

Oh it is so good to be back on line!!

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  1. So glad that your Dad is better. B's taken some fantastic pictures! Good news too that poorly computer is now back in operation. Have a great time at the weekend!


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