Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sun Shadows on a beach in Pembrokeshire -Wales

Wow it is Shadow Shot Sunday across at Hey Harriet a week or so back I captured this pic as we started to climb up the cliff path from Bullslaughter Beach in Pembrokeshire - Wales

The Rowan trees hanging onto the cliffs cast a myriad of shadows across the beach

Local sayso - claims that the noise of the sea in the caves gives the beach its' name - it is like bulls laughing so they say! - have you ever heard a bull laugh?

I think it would depend on whether you had visited the local hostelry - and also on how many pints you had consumed!

The beach was beautiful with white sands and towering cliffs above carpeted in Spring flowers


  1. I can't say I've ever heard a bull laugh but I like the story! And the photo!

    You asked what type of lizard in my post? They are known as Water Dragons (and sometimes Bearded Dragons). Very common around Brisbane and probably most parts of Australia. They grow quite large and the bigger beasties can look a bit scary but they are totally harmless :)

    Have a great Easter weekend!

  2. Well done - your butterfly pic is up in the gallery! White sands, sea and lots of sun, sounds lovely!


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