Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Abc Wednesday and W is for Wales

W is for Wales - the home of my ancestors - with its incredible mountain and coastal scenery - above the sun catches the waves at Aberfforest bay at sundown

Wales is a land of myths and legends with castles and poets and tales of fearsome dragons

The sunsets at Abereiddy are magnificent and wonderful to watch - we stayed a while ago in a cottage pretty much on the beach and gazed most evenings at the sun slipping down below the horizon

Treasures always to find on the coastal path a myriad of spring flowers - and of course hidden away secretly in the mountain range - the Snowdon Lily - which I have not seen - but I live in hope! I have attached a pic that I found on the web - this plant lives high in the mountains on shady ledges - likes cool misty conditions and this is the only place it grows in the British Isles

Wildlife supporters are desperately trying to save one of the finest views in Snowdonia Wales - the national trust has to raise £1 million to save Llyndy Isaf Farm - this includes the beautiful Llyn Dinas lakes (short video in the side panel) I hope!

The mountains that tower over the lakes are steeped in mythology , holding secrets and many a tale - of how a raging battle took place between a white dragon - which represented the Saxon invaders - and a red dragon - which represented Wales - the red dragon won and the white dragon was banished into the lake - the red dragon became the the national emblem of Wales.


  1. Why does it remind me of the dragon in Mulan, the Disney cartoon? Maybe they stole it!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. I spent many a holiday in Wales as a child; my Mum lived there for a while when she was a child. A beautiful place indeed.
    Jane x

  3. Wales looks like a magical place that I would love to visit.
    The red dragon is charming.

  4. I've got two little green horns growing out of my head - Elton John, Gardeners World - you lucky ducks! Pictures are lovely xx

  5. Gorgeous! I love the l;opines you posted above.

    Would love you to peek at my ABC. You are welcome to come by anytime, have a nice day!

  6. Wonderful shot of Wales. The photographs are all so beautiful and I love the lupines you have at the top of your blog.

  7. lovely to read your comments - thankyou all for visiting - Molly we were lucky ducks both sets of tickets were given to us!! the lupins were so colourful and so perfect I just had to take a pic!


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