Sunday, 15 January 2012

Hands across Land and Sea

No pics just words - of utter relief - I have had a blip on my blog- everytime I opened my Comments Box my screen froze or I was unable to scroll up or down on the side bar. My blog is my lifeline - and a reliable release from daily stress - although not the case this weekend! I have spent a fair amount of time this weekend trying everything in desperation. Messages to Blogger - tried to set up a new blog - which I managed to duplicate - how do these things happen?! I have clicked on most everything available to try and resolve the problem - finally finding a edit the comments box - I found I had a tick against embedded - looking at choices available I ticked (pop up ) and that seemed to do the trick - so I now have a working blog again. My link with the world and precious blogging friends. The picture in my header is of the River Severn as it flows into Attingham Park - I am practising with my new Sony camera. I am adding a link to my gardening blog MARIGOLD - If Blogger allows of course!! - for any like minded gardeners out there.


  1. Jane, your picture is lovely. Blogger have added a reply/delete button on the comments section which tends to freeze the screen when you try to publish so probably, nothing you've done anyway. Glad you've got your blog up and running again xxx

  2. jane, many of us are having problem trying to comment. Some blogs just freeze me out...Blogger is working on it.
    Jane x

  3. It works on some blogs and not on t'others.
    Mine seems to escaped the bug, so has Molly's.
    Luck of the draw Jane.
    Although, saying that - I sometimes get problems if I use Internet Explorer as my browser - but everything works when I use Google Chrome.


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