Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Today I am linking to Through the Window and Nature Notes. The Redwings are back to feast on the holly berries - every year for a while now they return to the tree in January
The holly berries are quite hard and suit our visitors from Scandinavia - our resident birds prefer the softer berries such as Hawthorn and Rowan
The picture quality is not the best - the pics were taken through the glass window using the optical zoom on my camera
The Redwings group in neighbouring trees flying down enmass to devour as many berries as possible and then regroup in the safety of the trees -
The chaffinch above waits patiently in the Wisteria Bush for his turn to grab a sunflower seed from the feeder Why not pop over to the Maple Syrup Mob and Nature Notes to view more contributions


  1. Lovely little bird pictures. Shooting through glass isn't always the best policy but you did great.

  2. I can't believe you still have holly berries. Mine are always long gone before Christmas. I have to cut a twig or two early on in December to make sure I get some for the house.
    I haven't seen any redwings here either.

  3. friko - perhaps it is because my tree is variegated = maybe the berries are of a harder type - Only the Redwings seem to feed on them - I have seen the odd blackbird in the tree but they do not stay long - this happens every January. There is a flock in the area of maybe about 20- possibly more - I will post on Shropshire Birds and see if anyone else has Redwings feeding in thei gardens Jane

  4. The redwings must be very hungry to eat berries that other birds pass by!

  5. You got some good shots through the window.

  6. I take photos through the window a lot and I think the memory or story is the part I enjoy the most more than a perfect shot and this was a perfect story..Thank you for linking to Nature Notes....Michelle

  7. yes, you captured some great shots, given the barriers.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team


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