Tuesday, 21 August 2012

ABC Wednesday and F is for

ABC Wednesday and F is for ... well here are a Few of mine - F is for Food Festival a Favourite in the UK- and here is a satisfied Foodie making his way home with a rope of French onions - I must admit they are very tasty and have a Flavour next to none I am linking today also to Our World Tuesday and Nature Notes to add a few pics of My World on a break away in Wales
A walk through the woods and chilling out to the noise of gushing water
The brook was pretty full and the pathways very muddy so care was needed to avoid going a.. over t.. as the saying goes
Some body had a great time and managed to keep reasonably white throughout the walk!!
The pathway led down to Ceibwr Bay = well worth the muddy walk down
The plant below is Himalayan Balsam - a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde of the plant world - looks pretty and elegant but spreads all over everything smothering native plants as it goes in fact there are dead or alive notices all along the coastal path - for this plant
A second walk out of the booklet of Pembrokeshire walks - took us along the coastal path and towards Cemmaes Head - more fantastic views - flowers - birds and fellow walkers
The coastal path was a mass of flowers - many of which I have posted on previous blogs - so I have just uploaded a few of ones seen this time
The weather is very changeable in this part of the world as you can see from this tree - and we can certainly see which way the wind blows up here!!
Must include this scabious - what a pretty boy do you not think this plant never ceases to amaze me
We had turned to take the path across farmland - for a different route back - just look at this wheel - how old is that I wonder and what work has it seen in its lifetime - I think it will be a suitable shot for our next camera club meeting the subject is brown - or is this red - what do you think/
Last shot of the walk - a little look over the garden fence so to speak on the way home - does this garden belong to you if so thankyou much appreciated.
This was the view below as we ate our supper at the local golf club - Newport Bay across to Dinas Head - I just loved the cloud formation and the silence of the evening sorry to ramble on but I am telling it as it was - very relaxing especially with a glass of Chardonnay firmly held in my grasp
We took an evening walk along the Nevern Estuary - lots of birda calling - curlews - oystercatchers - but they were just shadows in the dusk so I was not able to get a pic - but the chart on the estuary path gives some idea of the variety of birds that visit these waters - click on the chart for a closer look and scroll along for the English and Welsh
My final post entry must be St Davids Cathedral - a magical place - full of history and always whenever I have visited there is more to absorb - this time the choir were holding a practice and we sat at the back of the pews all three of us and listened a while - I have added a link just to summarise a little on information
The Ruins of the Bishops Palace
Thankyou for calling and I wish you a good week - J


  1. Jane, the walk looks fantastic. I love the picture of the estuary too. What is that wild blue flower? It looks a bit like a scabious - very pretty.

  2. Fantastic sequence of beautiful shots. Carver, ABC-Wed-Team

  3. fine set of fotos, esp the brook
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. i enjoyed each photo--they're gorgeous!
    the cliff, castles, flowers are beautiful. but your dog crossing the brook is my favorite.;p

    F is for...

  5. You took me on a very nice tour ! Love the old Cathedral and the Bishops Palace ! The funny thing is, that today I "was" in Shropshire during my lunch. I had recorded "Escape to the country", lol !

  6. The photos of the ruins of the Bishop Palace is beautiful!

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  7. I love all your pictures but the one on scabious blew me away!
    Mine is here
    Have you a ROCKING AND WEEK!!!

  8. Wales is such a beautiful place isn't it? Great photos of it. I've been to Stratford upon Avon Food Festival a couple of times and always enjoyed it - we're going again next month.

  9. Lovely tour and fantastic pictures!

    F is for...

  10. Great post, chock-full of lovely photos!

  11. Thanks for taking us on this marvelous adventure, Jane. I love how dogs just have to walk in puddles and creeks. :) Himalayan Balsam is a not appreciated in my neck of the woods either. So pretty...but badly misbehaved.

  12. I love the brook and the wildflowers
    and the mostly white pup :)

  13. Luv all your photos...picture postcard perfect♫

  14. It looks like you had a wonderful time in Wales Jane. So green and lush as I know you have had more than the usual amount of rain. So pretty..the woods and the sea. Thank you for linking into Nature Notes this week...Michelle


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