Tuesday, 28 August 2012

ABC Wednesday and G is for....

ABC Wednesday and G is for Giant - yes Gentle Giants from the age of steam - look at the Glamour as their brasses Gleam in the sunlight. Yes it is that time of year again the Onslow Steam Rally - a two day event and a spectacular show
Vehicles of all tpes were on show - vintage cars - bicycles - lorries and buses to name but a few - and of course tractors - a passion for many of gigantic preportions!!
Here below we take a moment to look at the bigger picture
Look more Gentle Giants this time from the countryside and farming methods from another era
So elegant and self assured - enjoying their day out in their best harnesses and ploughing gear
Stong willed and frisky and a joy to behold
Yes we can pose we can!! best friends we are
Tell us when you are ready!!
Get in line!
A perfect pair!
Finally for Bernard and Wesley across at the Organ Grinders Monkey and you visitors to my blog sorry about the dizzy finish! For more pictures and Onslow Steam Rally news and titbits - why not pop over to Molly at Some other Mountain and for more takes on the letter G why not visit ABC Wednesday - have a good week - Jane


  1. That was very kind to post up a bit for Wesley and I. :)
    You were lucky with the weather. Do you know ALL three of my regular Steam Rallies were cancelled this year, due to 'soft' ground. I haven't been to one! :(
    I have Cookham Regatta this Saturday and a big Organ do at Milton Keynes later on, but what a wash-out this year has been for some of us?
    I noticed at the end of that video that the effects of the Beer-Tent were having their delayed reaction. LOL!
    Cheers....B xx

    1. No Bernard it was that vintage cider!!

  2. I'm so glad that these beautiful machines have been saved from the scrapheap but, as always, the horses stole the show for me!
    Jane x

  3. Well, I have been to steam rallies but NOTHING as wonderful as this!

  4. Jane your pictures are gorgeous. It was great meeting up. Oops haven't posted mine yet. My broadband has gone right down again.

  5. Adore this glimpse of other worlds! Such beautiful horses! They add so much character to these wonderful photos!

  6. What a fun event! I especially love the third pic -is it a fire truck?

  7. both functional and attractive!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. the vintage machines are fabulous! what a gorgeous ride!:p

    G is for...

  9. I love the horses ! I have been on a festival with old steam engines, like you show, last months near Eastbourne !

  10. This is delightful, have to show this to my son for sure!

    Golden Rule
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  11. What a wonderful show, we would enjoy seeing those giant machines. The gentle giants are so majestic.

  12. Love all of the gentle giants. What a wonderful show that must have been.
    Great choice for the letter G.


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