Tuesday, 18 September 2012

J is ....

J is for Jelly - Jam - and Jazz - on this blog today- so lets take a Jaunt today and look at our favourite J's especially across at ABC Wednesday. Jelly is a favourite of my family - and it has rescued many from the brink of despair. Anyone feeling poorly, those special words always seem to help 'What about a jelly ?of course it has to be red !!- Although this last weekend I did stray away from jelly and made an Eton Mess - with fresh raspberries from the allotment - crushed meringues and lemon flavoured double cream. OH is the Jam maker here and is very successful - he does not weigh much just throws it all into the pan - and Jeronimo - this week 3 pots of raspberry Jam are Jostling for space in the kitchen cupboard Just Jazz - just the thing to calm those jangling nerves - not sure whether this track is strictly Jazz but I like it and of course the lyrics are included for those who feel the urge to be vocal - enjoy - thanks for joining in !!


  1. you make me crave for my favorite jam.
    i love this song, too...love his raspy voice.:p

    ABC Wed: J is for...

  2. I'll let you orf Jane. But it's not quite 'real' jazz to me. But yes, jam! Rhubarb and Ginger being my favourite. And as you say, jelly. And how about 'Jelly-babies'? And how about biting the heads off first! I bet we all did that. I had read somewhere that they no longer make black Jelly-babies' because it is 'racist'? What a daft world this is becoming.
    'J' is a common letter to our family. Our surname begins with 'J', years ago I married a Judith, my brother married a Jane, another other brother married a Jan, and my youngest brother married a Jackie! My only sister was a Jean. All true.
    Cheers.... Just B!

    1. Correction - My only sister is a Jean!

  3. You know I could play that song, over and over and over... I never get tired of his voice and version of a Wonderful World.

    We saw him at the Hollywood Bowl, in the 60's and I'll never forget that concert.

  4. Hey, I did jazz this week too. Even had Louis represented!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. My absolute favorite rendition of "It's a wonderful world." Thanks for sharing it and the whole post on Jazz.

  6. Calling by from ABC Wednesday, Jelly Jam and Jazz good post. :)

  7. Jelly and jam are yummy!

    Juice in Jars
    Your comment always bring joy to me, so leave me one when you can.

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  8. Love that song; a wonderful J choice, even though it might not meet a purist's definition of "real" jazz; it's always close enough for me!

  9. That's a song I used to sing almost every gig at the piano bars... back in the day. Thanks for including Satch - no jazz post would be complete without him! Jazz and jelly... two of my favorite things. Instead of giving you my ABC post, since you like jazz and I'm new to this blog, try the link. Peace, and thanks, Amy

  10. I love the aroma in a kitchen where jams and jellies are being made. Beautiful Japanese anemone!

  11. Jelly is also our all time favorite breakfast with toasted bread... yum! Recently, my aunt gave us a whole new bottle of jelly she made and it was so good. Have a great weekend! :)


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