Tuesday, 2 October 2012

L is for Lathyrus Adoratus or the Sweetpea

L is our letter for ABC Wednesday this week and so my L is for Lathyrus Adoratus
I hope that is spelt correctly! - so this week I am setting my Sweetpea seeds - now I have done this before at this time of year and then lost them to the mouse. I am following the info in last weeks Gardening News and I intend to keep them mouse proof at all times
I have been to the garden centre and bought the special root trainers - and compost to hand - no expense spared
for this sweet pea challenge - so Whey Hey !! here we go apparently they are best off outside from the word go
Oh yes I did remember to put the propagator top on!
Problem number two is the squirrel in the nut tree - waiting and watching my movements as he gathers nuts and stores them round the garden - he will dig out newly planted pots just for the hell of it - or so it seems to me I would most certainly appreciate any sweet pea growing tips - so I am hoping to hear from you - in the mean time why not pop over to ABC Wednesday to read blogs from around the world - bye thankyou for calling


  1. I love sweet peas, I have some seeds ready to plant next year (if can remember where I put the seeds).
    Jane x


  2. Beautiful flowers, no matter what the right spelling is! Good luck with your projects, I have a small one too with our lantana seeds (from own garden).

    ABC Wednesday

  3. I adore sweet peas! I must plant some next spring.

  4. I hate it when I LOSE my message!! Here I go again! I sincerely hope that you can outwit those nasty, hungry LITTLE varmints. Keeping my fingers crossed. I LOVE the LAST of the blooms you photographed. Wonderful! Kate, ABC Team

  5. lovely whatever-it-is-you-say-they-are
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Looks like you have taken all the right steps for fabulous sweet peas.

  7. Sweet peas is one of my very favorite flowers but I have never grown them.
    The fragrance is heavenly.
    Good luck outsmarting the mice and squirrels.

  8. Love sweet peas and yours are splendid!

    abcw team

  9. Squirrels are cute but can be a nuisance as well.

    Catching up with ABC. Got busy the past couple of days and just now have the time to visit entries.

    Leaping Chipmunk
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  10. oh, lovely sweet peas, and good luck with that naughty squirrel!


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