Tuesday, 30 October 2012

P is for ....

P is for Plan - do you have a Plan- and does your life always run to plan - if you are like me you will say 'absolutely not!'- what is that saying ( the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray ) Robert Burns I think ..
P is for Pussycat - this is CoCo a new family member and she has an addiction to the small screen
P is for Predator - what a pretty boy - but what a bad boy - this sparrowhawk was sitting on my weather vane in the garden last week - eyeing up my visiting goldfinch on the feeders - fortunately he was not successful this time.. P is for Pills and Potions all part of the bigger Picture to keep us all Partying. P is for People especially the People of New York and those in the Path of hurricane Sandy - my best wishes to you and yours for a speedy return to normality Linking today to ABC Wednesday to celebrate the letter P


  1. It's all over the news about planning for hurricanes and earthquakes!

    abcw team

  2. i make plans for the weekend, or for a coming storm but not long term plans. i'm too preoccupied for the present to make plans for next week.:p

    that's a cool looking bird.

    P is for...

  3. Oh no! Is there a way to keep the predator away? Great captures, Jane!

  4. Great photos for 'P' ~ glad your finches were okay ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  5. AWESOME pictures for p. Love that predator. What an unusual fellow! And of course meoww likes meowws :)

  6. i PLANNED to go to work yesterday; didn't, 'cause the daughter was home!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. A great collection of P words and photos.
    It seems your predator is very patient.

  8. It's nice to plan but sometimes, things happens even if you never planned to do so.

    Pile of Leaves
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  9. Ordinary Words...P is for your Photography too♫ Nice P choices♪

  10. I think the best plan is not to have a plan !
    Pussycat is so cute !
    ABC Team

  11. The hawk must have been focused on you other birds to let you take such a wonderful photo!

  12. Calling by from ABC Wednesday, we do have plans but life does not always go according to plan which can be fun!

  13. Pussy is cute and predator is gorgeous!


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