Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Dear Diary

Dear Diary I am desperately trying to get myself back on track - to resume normality again away from the depths of despair - my camera has been still and my life has been on hold - slowly I must pull myself back into the daily routines of life. I took time today to look around - and appreciate the glory of life - bulbs are pushing through the snow - my jasmine is bursting into flower in the conservatory - birds are are fighting the cold extremes and consuming as many raisins - sultanas - and sunflower hearts as I can provide. Dog walking has continued throughout the dark months of grief - I now have one extra - Quin my dads' dog. The camera club meeting is looming up and I now have a Kindle - and it is time to set seeds in the greenhouse - so much is out there to grasp I hope blogging will resume shortly and take me full swing into 2013 We lost dad December 6th - thanks for listening - best wishes


  1. I am so sorry. You have been missed.
    Jane xxx

  2. Oh Jane, I'm so sorry. I was wondering why I hadn't been seeing your, really interesting, by the way, blogs lately. I just put it down to me slacking off and perhaps missing them. I'm sending love and thoughts your way.

  3. You have been missed. Quin will help comfort you. Take care.

  4. We've been thinking so much about both of you. So glad you've put another blog up. The bulbs coming through do help to lift your spirits and your jasmine is beautiful - it won't always be winter xxx


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