Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Family Dogs and a Walk in the Park

Today the sun is shining and you can feel the warmth and the spirits soar - of course the county is and in fact the whole country is still flooded out. A walk in the Park today with Bluey and Quin and a chance meeting with another family dog Riley - a rescue dog from Ireland - hence the name - Riley loves to play stick in the river - see pics
The snowdrops and daffodils were beginning to show and buds on the camellias and rhododendrons held a promise of Spring Routines have changed recently with an extra family pet - Quin is deaf so he has to stay on an extended lead otherwise he would surely get lost in the bushes - and he is a typical terrier - with an attitude problem toward other dogs - and it seems to be the larger the better !!- of couse he is an old dog in dog years and would not last 5 minutes in a scrap. Bluey is always ready yo join in in a scrap - changing momentarily from a cuddly blue eyed collie into a she werewolf with fangs!! Walks now have to be carefully planned - taken early to avoid to much doggy traffic - and of course eyes are needed in the backs... at all times. Just finishing off with a few random shots taken this morning - thanks for calling by
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  1. It certainly look springlike where you are!
    It is 10C here today...yes...above freezing. Our weather sounds (almost) as weird as yours.
    Jane x

  2. Looks like you had a lovely walk withh all of the signs of spring starting to appear. It's wild here.

  3. Thanks for sharing your outing here! The purple hellebores and the white snow drops are my favorite - gives me a peek of Spring almost arriving:)


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