Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Back to Blogland

Dear Diary - the last few months have slipped away and time and events seem to have interfered dramatically with any blogging attempts - methinks I will wander back into blogland today. A few weeks back we spent some time in Portmadoc - - just after the big snow the countryside was good for pictures and of course -trains featured strongly in the scheme of things.- The picture below is a favourite - we chugged up the line towards Blaenau Ffestiniog and through the woods and the shot below was as we entered the town We wandered round Portmadoc at various times during the week - gazing in the shops - the odd icecream etc - even though it was perishing - mind you come to think of it - it was a lot warmer then than it is now !! - and all routes led to the station - see pics - I think these guys were planning the route And away we went! We stayed close to Portmerion village - a fascinating place - it was where the fantasy series The Prisoner was filmed - apparently they have a re-enactment of the series each year which is a sell out. I have tried to capture the colour design an fascination of the place - Portmerion pottery and glassware is famous worldwide and dead expensive to buy - we rented a house for the week and everything right down to the eggcups was Portmerion - wow!! My header pic was taken from the train as we pulled out of Carnarfon - it was an eventful week - and a good week -a special highlight was a purchase of a second hand 400D Canon EOS camera - of course it is a complete new ball game from our Sony Cybershots - that we both use - so far I haven't strayed to far off auto - and I am permanently glued to the instruction booklet. I want to buy a lens that will make it possible to zoom right in for some awesome closeups - anyone any ideas? The deal was done on the steam train from Portmadoc to Caernarfon on the West Highland Railway (third pic down)


  1. I love your pics..picture perfect!
    My Mum and Dad visited there a few years ago,I was surprised that people actually lived in the houses...the houses look like something from a fairy tale.
    Jane x

  2. I do remember that programme, full of mystery! My husband loves steam trains, he would enjoy that trip.

  3. A lovely trip, I enjoyed visiting through your blog and lovely photos. I used to go to some of the places as a child. I hope your weather has got warmer now Jane, we finally have beautiful sunshine once more.

  4. Welcome back! The trip sounds so wonderful - lots to see and photograph!


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