Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Miss Meconopsis

I just have to post this pic - to introduce my visitor for the first time ever in my garden - bought at the Malvern Show 2 years back and grown on in a ceramic pot with tender care - it has produced 6 buds - the first three were knocked off by an undisclosed source - ( the air was as blue as the poppy!!) - a slug maybe - a dog - or OH on a trip to the greenhouse - any way let me introduce Miss Meconopsis Grandis alias the blue poppy all the way from the Himalayas - well it has been blowing up as cold as the Himalayas in our garden for a while now so perhaps that has had some bearing on the result. The header pic was taken with a Canon and the blog pic with a sony - just for reference so that I can compare results you see


  1. Wonderful. Bet you're chuffed to mint ball with it xxx

  2. So exciting after such careful cultivation. I had one in my flower ed, bit it only stayed for two years.

  3. I have tried to grow Meconopsis but failed. They are such gorgeous blossoms!


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