Thursday, 14 October 2010

The River

'With light fantastic toe,the nymphs
Thither assembled,thither every swain;
And o'er the dimpled stream a thousand flowers,
Pale lilies,roses, violets,and pinks,
Mixed with the greens of burnet,mint,and thyme,
And trefoil,sprinkled with their sportive arms,
Such custom holds along th'irriguous vales
From Wrekin's brow to rocky Dolvoryn,
Sabrina's early haunt.'

Dyer, 'The Fleece'


  1. Love the picture of the distant Wrekin and the mist. Is Sarn Pool visible from Lyth Hill? I think Precious Bane is one of the best books I've ever read.

  2. Hi Molly - Sarn or Bomere Pool as it is now called is hidden by trees - you can just stand on the hill and imagine it as it was

    See you soon

  3. I used to climb the Wrekin as a child...

  4. Hi Posie - sorry to be late in replying but I have been away for a week - do you know I have never been right to the top of the Wrekin - I think this must go on my list of things to do x

  5. I love the poem. Must get some information about this book. I see, there is a French version called Sarn. Will search further, I have heard from Mary Webb by Jane from Snailbeach :-).


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