Thursday, 28 October 2010

Dear Diary Saga - bits and pieces

Llanhydrock Cornwall - fascinating - spent best part of a day browsing around the approx 51 rooms - they have a tell to tale no doubt - equal to any from Downton Abbey! - the grounds were magnificent.

I have posted pics of the Halloween trial which I found really entertaining - click on the text to read all about it - I never did find one and two.

This little poem was found framed in the kitchen area - leaflets were available - click onto read

The Llanhydrock Parish Church is in the grounds - beautiful stained glass windows

We ended the day with a visit to Looe and Polperro - both as picturesque as ever - tea and cakes were sampled at the Larrson cafe - worth a call if you are down that way

On to Polperro - quite a while ago we bought a painting from here - so this little fishing village is very dear to us and it has not changed so very much - in the pic above - the house on the cliffs with blue fascias - does anyone remember Rita Tushingham - well she used to live here
Further pics in the side panel


  1. I have just seen that I have made a spelling error - I have tried to adjust it to no avail - Llanhydrock should be Lanhydrock - it must be my welsh blood bursting forth1

  2. I haven't been to Looe in years. Lovely photos Jane. I am enjoying your travels.

  3. Hiya Jane. Your pictures are brilliant. Looks as if you had good weather. Isn't that stained glass window lovely!

  4. What a lovely trip. Although I lived in Cornwall for years I never got to the Scillies!

  5. The field was full of buttercups- we have had a great show of weeds this year! baywillow herb and ragwort looked lovely too. Its not my field its the local dog walking field the weeds are so high now we have difficulty seeing one another.

  6. Hi

    Posie - we hadn't been to Cornwall for a while - it still holds that magic for me - we intend to go back again when we can

    Moly - The church on Bryer was very much like Trelystan - beautiful windows and lamps - and well looked after - inside and out

    Elizabeth - it was our first visit to the Scillies - I would like to spend more time there sometime .

    Jayne - my dog loves to chase through the long grass and flowers too


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