Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Blue Shadow Shot

Today as I walked I thought of Shadow Shot Sunday on Hey Harriet Blog - I am a little late for last Sunday but perhaps I could be early for next week Sunday - maybe?
I am not sure what I need to do -but anyway my first two shots are my shadow shots

My pictures are Blue Dog Shadows ( my best friend) and Sunlight Shadows taken on my walk through the woods and alongside the Rea Brook - which is part of the Shropshire Way.Today was cold but sunny - the snow was crisp to walk on and the sun streamed through the clouds and felt warm on my hair

Colour was the theme of the day, trees still carrying autumn leaves - burnished bronze - caught the sunlight and cast shadows as we walked through the snow.

Hurry up - put that camera back in your pocket?

Through the woods

I am still snow white

Reflections - or shadows?

Rea Brook and snow covered river bank

Blush red crab apples on the tree - a feast in the making for hungry birds

Berries showing so red against the blue sky

Rea Brook completely transformed today by snow frost and sunlight

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