Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Chasing Sunday Shadows

On Sunday off we set with our young grandson to help - to chase shadows for Hey Harriet blog - the following pics were taken along the way - an exciting day was had by all - first port of call was Churchstoke Sunday Market - shadows were in short supply but B and A who is only 8 browsed around the tools etc and I went in search of books - we then had a hearty all day breakfast in the little cafe and then off we went up towards the Shropshire hills.

Above you can catch a glimpse of the lower slopes of the Longmynd from the Stiperstones Hill - where a brisk dog walk was taken by myself and A - who is a Top Gear fanatic - making sure that I was up to date with all the comings and goings of Jeremy Clarkson and David Hammond!! - A has aspecial catch phrase - starting off every ststement with a loud - Guess What - I love him to bits!

We then made our way down the rolling slopes of hillside - full of sheep grazing heartily - down to the Bridges and Ratlinghope - we stopped and viewed the scenery - the brook running noisely alongside the roadway showed both shadows and ripples.

Snowdrops in the wood at Ratlinghope - with a promise of daffs to come - Mary Webb called Ratlinghope - Slepe - her own description of Ratlinghope in The Golden Arrow 'in a purple gap brimming with golden moonlight and covered with a lid of sky - jewelled like the cover of a wassail cup - lay the small huddled village of Slepe

My father was born on the hillside at Black Top - Ratlinghope and spent his childhood in this area - he has manya tale to tell - this area holds a fascination for me.

Then from the top of the Longmynd Hill we gazed at sun shadows chasing each other along Longmynd and touching on Caer Caradoc - Wenlock Edge in the far distance

Above - you can see Church Stretton nestling in the valley - we made our way down to the town where icecreams were enjoyed by all !

On the way back after delivering our grandson back to his parents safe and sound we called by the Quarry in Shrewsbury in the hope of a few late shadows - as you can see we were now into lamplight shadows - pic is taken of the Boat House inn on the River Severn - no we didn't cross the bridge

A peek through the closed gates of the Dingle - no shadows but look at those crocus they were sooo beautiful

Finally look how the last rays of sunshine light up St Chads Church - by then it was home for tea!


  1. Sounds like a lovely day out. You've taken some fantastic shots!

  2. Wow I did enjoy this Jane, thanks so much. Great photos too and the perfect day by the look and sound of it. Beautiful.

  3. PS The word verification was Kathy which is spooky as some folk call me that!


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