Sunday, 13 March 2011

Wild Horses and Other Animals and Birds

Shadows create wonderful images - the shadow image is silhouetted against the green house - wild horses and a merry go round at the fair - spring to mind - in actual fact it is the shadow of the hanging basket brackets and bird feeders - I was so lucky to catch the shot because as the sun came round the image was distorted.

B is very resourceful with his ironwork - we also have swans sitting on the fence - and a cat holding up the washing line - these all adapt to hanging basket brackets as required

Next project - the forge is to be revamped in readiness for the local Steam Rally - to be held later this year.


  1. Hey those are really good! (we've both got the flu down here:(

  2. A very sweet and unique shadow shot! And I adore all that ironwork!

  3. Lovely iron work, I love pieces like that, they add so much character and make a house a home.

  4. Jane, these are wonderful, B's creations and your photos!

  5. so where are you? I know that hill.
    thanks for finding me.

  6. Molly -Posie - Hey Harriet HelenMac and Friko thanks for visiting my blog - Friko - the hillside is viewed from the The Stitt - which is in between The Bridges and Pulverbatch


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