Sunday, 6 March 2011

Shadows and a string of coincidences

My shadow shot for is taken in my kitchen it is wall art bought from a small shop in Solva Wales.

Birds in flight especially geese and swans do it for me - I love to hear their callings long before they come into view and then their faint cries like lost souls as they fade into the distance.

In my mind these sights are associated with lucky events. on several occasions I have seen swans or geese in flight and afterwards within a short timescale have experienced something unexpected , but good.

My first job interview many years ago on the local newspaper - a memory now but before that successful day I saw two swans in flight over Shrewsbury - an amazing sight - and another time on my way to Oxford - to attend an interview to secure my job - on an early morning drive to beat the M6 traffic - going over the presentation I had to deliver as I drove - and lo and behold - there they were - the swans again .
It is probably all coincidences because of my early morning drives and the pattern of movement of the birds, but hey ho it did it for me - by the way I secured the job.

These are but two of my experiences with the flights of birds - my dream is to see the migration of cranes from either Eastern Europe or France - this must truly be the ultimate x


  1. Such a lovely piece of art to be hanging in your kitchen! And some very nice shadows!

  2. Lovely shadow picture, and lovely lucky sign. We saw swans flying over here, about 12 of them, last summer it was spectacular.

  3. Jane the photo with the art work & shadows is marvelous. So simply done and yet so evocative of the real birds! For me the magic birds are Sand Hill Cranes, heard across the road in a farther field and sometimes flying overhead on our early morning walks.


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