Sunday, 22 May 2011

My Sunday

Today has been good, weather has been sunny but sooo windy here , first port of call was a stroll round the local car boot , B looking for old tools and plants and me for old books , garden ornaments - that type of thing, I found another vase - to add to my collection !! (see pic) well I like it !!

Next onto Plimhill a brisk walk up the lane and into the woods , the rhododendrons were out in bloom , purple and pinks, stretching right up to the top of the ridge, halfway round we could not resist some tree hugging - this practise is supposedly good for humans - it certainly felt good to me - and B.

Back home in the greenhouse my zygo cactus has opened its first bloom - and the easter cactus is now flowering too - better late than never!- and the pelargoniums are beginning to flower.

Today I have set some Butternut Squash seeds , and checking the propagator I found that my Purple Podded Peas bought at the Malvern Show have come through - these are an experiment - the seeds were sold to me by a very interesting lady called Delma - she had this stall packed tightly with every seed you could imagine - she was sat on a chair wearing a straw hat covered in flowers and my didn't she know her stuff - and also what a saleswoman !! - before I knew where I was - I had purchased the purple podded peas at no less than £5 a packet and confirmed that I would probably buy a miniature damson tree later in the year that had been named after Delma herself.

Well enough of the rambling thoughts - so its a goodnight from me !!

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  1. Nice to know that we are not the only tree huggers! The rhododendrons look spectacular, they remind me of living in Scotland. Good luck with your expensive seeds!
    Jane x


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