Tuesday, 3 May 2011

P is for Potting Shed

Hey it is ABC Wednesday http://abcwednesday-mrsnesbitt.blogspot.com/ and P is for Potting Shed tucked away in a corner of the walled garden at Croft Castle in Herefordshire.

What tales to tell lie behind that blue door - look at the pots stacked tidely on the window ledge - this little shed would have been a buzz of activity in days gone by

D H Laurence romances in his controversial read Lady Chatterley about the notorious going ons in the potting shed. I could't resist trying the door but it was locked!!

Oh just for the record a quick shot of another potting shed at Attingham Park another stately home with a colourful past - a little austere don't you think!-
hope this a passing phase and that I am not getting a fettish for potting sheds


  1. Love the blue door.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. That's really good. You can't get in my potting shed for junk :0) (not even if you wanted too!!)


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