Thursday, 19 May 2011

A walk in Shropshire

A walk through the woods in Shropshire - enjoy - I did - apologies for the boot scrunching noises - but I think the birdsong makes up for that!


  1. I had to watch without sound, birdsong drives my cats crazy. They dash around the rooms trying to find where the birds are!
    Love the dog always racing ahead!
    Jane x

  2. Eek I kept thinking I was going to collide with a tree. Lovely birdsong and surroundings

  3. A lovely walk - and the birdsong too - and lots of shadows. Is it thundering in the background?

  4. thanks for visiting my blog jane and chris - i can picture your cats rushing around bird searching and Posie lovely to hear from you - I took the video at Attingham Park and Molly thanks for calling - the thundering in the background is my heavy breathing I think!!


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