Monday, 3 October 2011

L is for....

L is for Legend - many of which are to be found in this Land of Song.

Carningli the mountain above or Angel Mountain as it is referred to by local people is host to many a legend and tale of times gone by - St Brynach was said to visit the mountain from his monastery in Nevern to commune with the Angels - and some say that the mountain takes the form of a maiden lying down - and others that it is a sleeping giant.

I must say that the mountain is a peaceful place to walk and reflect - we did this climb a few weeks back.

Local author Brian John has written many books about this area - including the Angel Mountain Saga books - which I think are a brilliant read.

Look - I couldn't resist this view - somewhat hazy that day - but so much to see

The climb became harder as we neared the summit - and it was hot - close to the top Bluey found a spring and took a dip in the icy cold water

Couldn't resist this one - look at this moth caterpillar lumbering by on the mountain path- does anyone know which one it is ? what a beauty - we saw several more later on

Look I can't resist showing more pics of that special mountain - the one above is taken from the mountain path - looking up at the rocks - can you see the maiden sleeping?

Lichens and ferns grew out of the ledges and stone walls as we climbed up - and heather and gorse covered the mountain side

Look at this beetle do you know that he or she had the most amazing bright blue legs

Bluey as always - ahead of the game!

On our return we paid a visit to the local pub - and I must say what a local - the Dyffryn Arms - still serving beer out of the barrel -

A truly old Welsh pub

By the way the beer was excellent!

Leaping forward to another L is for lion - king of the beasts and a birth sign of mine

I must include this last pic in my L post - look at those lamps -lanterns and lights - seen at the Malvern Show a couple of weeks back - what a selection - click on the pic for a closer look

Finally I would like to wish you all Lasting Laughter and Luck


  1. WOW! The views were spectacular, and I rather liked the pics of Bluey!
    Jane x

  2. What a lovely "L" post. From large to little we had a nice look!

  3. Wonderful tour of such a beautiful place. Legend is a great choice for L.

  4. Very interesting climb and descent of the mountain!! Whew must have been tiring with all that walking around!! Love Legends!!

  5. L for lovely pics. The views are absolutely stunning

  6. I could LOOK at those pics all day!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. What a beautiful landscape and also the pub is so typical, the caterpillar is not so my taste,:)!
    There are so many legends in this area I have heard.
    ABC team

  8. I could sit here for hours looking at these wonderful photos

  9. Lovely photos Jane. I just love the welsh legends, thank you for sharing that one. The pub looked very inviting, good to catch up, Posie


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