Monday, 24 October 2011

O is for.... Odyssey

O is for Odyssey - Odyssey to the Lake District in Cumbria

Outstanding scenery stretched wall to wall - we put on our Outer wear so as not to be defeated by the weather which at times was Outragious

It was really very beautiful with mist and...

rainbows at every turn cascading down from the mountains.

The pic above is of Lake Coniston - the mountain is called the Old Man of Coniston

Lake Coniston what an Obituary to Donald Campbell - who died here in his boat Bluebird in 1967 - trying to break his own speed record.

The Objective of the week was to complete a walk each day - approx 5-7 miles - click on the pic above for more detail

Not a great feat to you accomplished walkers - but to us a proud achievement! - The route above was around Grasmere -

The pic above is High Sweden Bridge on the Ambleside walk - it poured down - with intermittent hail storms - we were drenched - but the views were spectacular - this shot luckily was taken in between the storms

We visited Hill Top - now owned by the National Trust - where Beatrix Potter wrote many of her books.

We walked through the garden woods and meadows and could understand Beatrixs' love of this beautiful countryside - so much so that when she died in 1943 she left 15 farms to the National Trust -

including her flocks of pedigree Herdwick sheep - by the way - apparently this breed of sheep along with the Swaledale sheep are territorial and so are good for mountain sheep - because they stay on their own patch on the mountain

Beatrix bought the farms and sheep flocks with her proceeds from her many books - I love the rabbit in the pic above - do you know they were running around in the orchard - not knowing that their ancestors were the inspiration of such a talented lady.

One last pic for you foodies - lunch at the Giggling Goose - large bowls of mushroon soup - and chunks of crusty butter - have you had lunch?


  1. Oh how lovely - really enjoyed these photos Jane. We are not too far away from the Lakes and do tend to get over there a couple of times a year - on the motorbike but we haven't managed to this year. We do go via hawes and Ingleton to Heysham when we go to the Isle of Man in June. A wonderful part of the country. People often make negative comments about "Up North" but your post shows the gems we have on our doorstep.
    Thanks so much
    Denise ABC Team

  2. Oh so beautiful!

    Please come and take a look at my O entry, have a good day!

  3. an awesome trek. lovely.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Beautiful photos Jane of an outstanding area of our little island. The rain seems to come with the territory :)

  5. This is SO gorgeous! Wish I could go to the Giggling Goose! Have a wonderful week,

    abcw team

  6. Stunning view!

    Learn some Filipino custom and words with my O entry. Come and see.

  7. What a fantastic place! love the rainbow. I am thinking about breakfast now :)

    O is for..

  8. Fabulous pictures. I love the one of Bluey in the water

  9. What a beautiful landscape ! and the sleeping sheeps look so peaceful !
    ABC Team

  10. You've been in my neck of the woods so I'm biased to its wonderfulness. We seem to be having one day sunshine one day rain at the moment, as you found out. Did you know there is only one lake in the Lake District (Bassenthwaite) the rest are meres or waters? Well quiz question over, glad you enjoyed the varied walking here.

  11. WOW! The countryside is absolutely gorgeous!

  12. I do love the Lake District! Went there for our honeymoon and it rained every day, but we still managed to get around between rainstorms. I was going to say showers, but rain in the Lake District isn't what I'd call showers!

  13. wonderful shots...very picturesque!

    coming from ABC Wednesday...
    My Third Eye

  14. Beautiful photos. Looks like it was a great day!


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