Tuesday, 11 October 2011

M is for ,,,

M is for magic something we Muggles must search for in our mundane lives.

M is for morning mists - midday sun and moonlight nights.

M is for mysteries - will they ever be solved?

M is for the Market Hall in our local town

Home to a multitude of stalls and stands

M is for Milo the neighbours cat

Mis for monument - at the top of the Wrekin - didn't we do well ! we climbed to the top 1.335ft or 407 metres above the Shropshire Plain - I must say it was a bit blustery!

M is for make do and mend - and also for mistakes - I make a lot ! how about you?

M is for moment - a moment in time - becoming a memory of momentous times

M is for marvellous - and so I wish you all a marvellous week


  1. I love those pictures of the Moon. A friend and I noticed how beautiful it was on Sunday evening. I guess it is what is called the Harvest Moon.

  2. Those moon shots are fantastic. Love the photo of you and Bluey xxx

  3. Marvelous series of M's. And I think that we Muggles should be way more aware of the magic around us. :)

  4. Magnificent shots and choices for M!! love the moon and Milo...!
    M is for...

  5. The moon in Albany, NY was full and pretty last night too!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Lots of marvelous M words in this post. I enjoyed the variety and the pictures are magnificient.

  7. The moon pictures are stunning ! I also love your neighbor's cat, so cute !
    ABC Team

  8. A magnificent M post. It looks as if you have a decent market on your doorstep ~ so sad that their numbers seem to be diminishing as the years go by.

  9. Thank you for such a lovely journey through "M"!

  10. You have one up on me there Jane.
    Climbed the Wrekin? Wow!
    Well, as the old saying goes - I have only ever been "Round the Wrekin".
    I come from Worcestershire you see, where anything out of the way (or a long way round) was RtW.
    Glad you enjoyed my latest bit, thanks.


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