Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Industry and the Environment

In the village where I live Bayston Hill - we have a very productive stone quarry - the workings first featured in maps as early as 1752 Recently the need for expansion was put forward and this involved extending the perimeters of the quarry. Proposals were pur forward of how this could be achieved and how the effect on the local faun and fauna could be minimised It was a massive project to be undertaken and now the new boundary walks are beginning to mature.
We walk these boundaries frequently and find that there is a strange stark beauty in the quarry walls and machinery etched against the skyline The above pic catches a striking sunset and was intended to finish the blog - but blogger thought otherwise!!
see the church spires of Shrewsbury in the distance? My pictures span a period of 12 months or more
Rocks have been found of fossilised tree trunks - fascinating - they have been placed on the boundary walk - this pic is now - taken last week
I just needed to take a macro shot!
This final picture was taken last summer of the tree trunks amongst the ox eye daisies - hard to believe that these are rocks ! I intend to post pics throughout the year - of the maturing meadows - I hope you will pop by and join me Thw quarry has been the source of much archaelogical speculation - so I have included this link - Iron Age Road The walks are also proving to be a haven for wildlife - especially the skylark - an endangered species in this area - I am still trying to capture a shot - they are far to quick for me - perhaps next time!! I am linking with Nature Notes and My World Tuesday -


  1. I would never have thought the tree trunks were rocks...and the sunset picture is lovely! It will be intersting to see how the landscape changes as Mother Nature 'does her stuff'.
    Jane x

  2. Very interesting comment on your local area. Great pics, too. I'm intrigued at what archeological artifacts they think they'll find.

  3. That sunset is beautiful - brilliant photo. xxxx

  4. Hi there - interesting post. We often find small pieces of wooden rock (if you see what I mean!) on the beach.

    Enjoyed looking though some other posts as well. Bridgenorth bring back lots of memories.

    Stewart M - Australia (ex UK!)

  5. Interesting post and photos of the rock quarry. I have seen old trees that are called petrified trees, they feel like rocks. The last shot is very pretty with the daisies.

  6. Beautiful shots and interesting post. If they need to expand it's good that the environmental impact is being considered.

  7. The fossilized tree trunks are great...so someone must have cut those down a long time ago - right? Cause they are clearly sawed off straight and then they fossilized? So that is connected to what is going on their with the archaeology? I will definitely follow your site to see what happens - this has been educational and interesting!

  8. I took photos of a quarry last fall - cool places to watch, especially from up high. Love your daisies.

  9. How interesting..there is a stark quality to the rocks and it is nice that Mother Nature is reclaiming what was hers...Lovely post Jane. Thank you for linking to Nature Notes this week...Michelle

  10. I really love the last shot, there is a wonderful contrast between the flowers and the tree rocks

  11. Just to be different, I'm going to compliment you on the header photo, of a 'Woody in the Pussy Willow'. Everytime I creep up on a pigeon, they are off like shot. I have loads of doves & pigeons in the garden, but can't even get the back door open! :(
    On the question of blogger putting your photos in the wrong place - I am told you can 'click & drag' them to where they should be.
    I'm old-fashioned - I upload all my pictures in the reverse order. I first, number them, say, 1 to 6. Then - upload no.6, then no.5. and so on. Slow, I know - but at least they end up in the order I want them :)

  12. But Bernard it is patience you need and a optical zoom that you need to capture those woodies bless em ! Thanks for the info on posting the pics - I was able to post my pics in reverse order - now blogger insista I do the opposite - but I must admit I have not tried clicking and dragging - so will do on next blog if something occurs


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