Tuesday, 27 March 2012

J is for Journey

J is for Journey and what better than an away day Jaunt on this Leyland Leopard bus - seen in Shrewsbury at the weekend - perhaps we could travel in January - June or July - you choose!
We could sing Joyful Jingles or listen to Just Jazz Who will join me for a Jubilant Journey to celebrate the letter J ? More letter Js can be found at ABC Wednesday - Join me and we will call by!


  1. I'd be the fist to join you on that lovely old bus. I assume it is a very early version of what we used to call "The Midland Red". When I was a nipper they used to run into Birmingham up the Bristol Rd. We used to catch one into 'town' if the Corporation buses were full. The only snag was - they were twice the fare! :(
    ps If you want a slightly larger video from YT (ie column width), you can click on 'custom' and enter any size you fancy. I notice yours here is width 420.
    If you change that to, say, 450 before downloading it will be slightly wider.
    Unless you know your column width, it is a bit of 'trial & error'. Cheers.

  2. Yes Bernard that bus was parked up in the Midland Red Garage at Shrewsbury - it was being used for a promotional event - there is a lot more info on the website www.wheels.co.uk - oh and thankyou for the technical info - I shall make a note of that = have a good week - Jane

  3. They were still called Midland Red when I was growing up in Coventry. By the way I'll take Jazz in July please.
    Jane x

  4. What a cool looking bus. Great shots. Carver, ABC Wednesday Team

  5. Wait for me while I just hop on - always enjoy a good ride.

    abcw team

  6. Love that bus for Kalamity's sake:)
    That's how I feel, always trying to catch up with the right letter, lol!

  7. a jaunty ride
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. That's a beautiful vehicle. Kool looking too!

    Korean Souvenir
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  9. I'm late but finally here! I'm ready for a journey NOW, Wait wait till June, July or January? :))

  10. Hello Jane, loving your blog, your pictures make me feel at home ! I used to live close to Church Stretton in the hills, it's good to talk to a fellow Salopian.


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