Tuesday, 6 March 2012

ABC Wednesday and H is for Houses

It is ABC Wednesday and H is for houses - subject - black and white This weekend we made a last visit to our local town Shrewsbury to try and capture the winning shot for our local camera club competition. It was a lovely evening and the town was less crowded which was more suitable to the occasion. The following are some of my shots
Castle Gates House - next to the Castle
A tricky one to get- The Old Council House - on Castle Gates
Rowleys Mansion - once a museum - now houses the Tourist Information Bureau
Just loved this lantern - spotted while walking up one of the shuts - spooky feel to it !
Moving into Hills Lane off the Mardol
Grope Lane - the houses are so close together - I love walking down this little street
The houses were so solidly made in those days - made to last
The Prince Rupert Hotel with St Marys spire in the background
Fish Street looking along to St Alkmunds Church Finally = make your mind up time - I think I shall enter one of these last two shots taken during the last week or two
Much Wenlock the Guildhall and Holy Trinity Church
Berrington Hall - just outside Shrewsbury What do you think ? Thanks for calling - I am linking to ABC Wednesday - how about you!


  1. I just love that type of architecture. "Gropes Lane" - I guess because it's so narrow one might get groped there? lol

    abcw team

  2. Gropes Lane made me laugh!
    I love the last shot..and I'd like to live there.
    Jane x

  3. Wonderful shots, and as I scroll down I am so impressed with your photos of the Shropshire countryside.

  4. I also loved that lantern shot. Did you win?

  5. These are ALL great houses - love that style.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Charming houses on the very narrow lane. I would love to see them for real.

  7. Beautiful houses with much character! Thanks for sharing:)

  8. Love timbered houses and am so grateful that so many are preserved. Shrewsbury appears to have many riches to share.

  9. These buildings are some very nice architectural work.

  10. Shrewsbury has wonderful architecture. The whole town is a photo op!

  11. Well, I completely missed this post when it came through - blogger is messing with me!

    Which pic did you enter and how did it do? If I'd had caught this sooner I think I'd have gone with the close up of Gropes Lane. A more unusual viewpoint with lots of leading lines.

    Fantastic pics, Jane, and you're making my feet itchy!

  12. Breathtaking photos, Jane! I’d like to stroll around those narrow lanes viewing the fascinating architectures. Thanks for sharing.



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