Tuesday, 10 April 2012

ABC Wednesday and M is for ....

My My ... it is ABC Wednesday and M is for Mystery - Magic and More - and where better to tell the tale than in deepest Pembroke - Wales -UK. Wales renown for Mythical lore and Magnificent scenery and Marvellous days of neverending fun
My story is a Mix of pics - Mumblings and Madness - now down to Mundane Matters and Material things! - off we set a family group - and after 50 odd Miles the Motor developed a Mechanical faultand a Mobile call was Made to the Man who can - and after Many Moves and I Must say a few Moans from younger family Members we were relayed back to home base to Make fresh plans. Many hours later a late arrival was Made - a coastal cottage to be found down a long dark lane towards the Welsh coast - of course no torch to hand and the Sat Nav was claiming we had reached our destination - all was not lost - soon the house was found and the key under the flowerpot was retrieved.
The house looked out to the bay beyond and the sunny conservatory invited Many hours of day dreaming - book reading - and general chit chat
We walked daily - gazed at the scenery - strolled on the beach and people watched over a glass of wine outside the village pub
And then ... a stroll on the beach and around the rocky headland and an unfortunate Mishap for Bluey !! ended in a well timed escape for her and for me I suppose because I can't swim amd presume that she can! Anyone who has been to Little Haven will know the sandy stretch of beach and the rocky corner of boulders and pools reaching out onto golden sands stretching out to Broad Haven the next coastal village - where you can be lost in time- suddenly a call from OH - tides turned - earned a rapid response and a speedy return towards the headland - only to find that the rock pools were a ( best described as) a swirling mass of turbulent waters - so as I was wearing my best walking boots I tried to avoid the pools and kept to the rocks - calling for Bluey to follow and OH led the way - success! and then turning round I could see Bluey - head peering round the rocks - one ear up the other one down - head on one side seeming to say Help! I can't make it! ( she is a bit of a girl!)- we furiously shouted and bounced a ball - to no avail - OH said Oh she will follow - come on ( he had left his shoe bag at home and was wearing the only pair he had with him for the week ) -so I knew the next few minutes were crucial - so in I plunged best boot forward - and around the corner - over my knees in water - boots squelching - reached Bluey put on her lead and shouted encouragement - she refused to budge - so I gave an enormous tug - and in she plunged - we were now completely soaked - the pic above shows us just reaching dry land The wild flowers were amazing and I did so much want to post a collage but after several attempts I have given up - does anyone have any tips as to which site to use? if so I would so much appreciate any help available - so in the mean time I have posted my pics in the usual way
Bright yellow celandines
My favourite White Sea Campion
Red Campian
The Herald ofSpring the Primrose
My mothers'favourite the Cowslip
The shy violet
Just to end up I have included a pic of a favourite bird of mine - the Jackdaw - I find them so entertaining and I could watch them for hours
This a a Rook - look at that beak - a very intelligent bird
This chimney pot was a favourite perch for this seagull
To finish I am including this motto or what would you call it? - hanging in the hall of the holiday cottage . Have fun and a jolly good week - signing off until the next time! Today I am linking to ABC Wednesday and Nature Notes - join me!


  1. Oh, poor Bluey..that was a wet shock!! I hope the cottage was nice and cozy to dry out in. That looks like my perfect holiday, thank you for sharing it.
    Jane x

  2. Poor Bluey, and poor new shoes.
    Love the cricket explanation! Very clever, very confusing and so true.

    I find the free photo imaging site, Picasa, excellent for quick and easy edits. It has a very easy collage application, too.

    Great post.

  3. We are planning a trip to Wales in July as part of our great circumnavigational project! You have me all excited now!
    Thanks so much
    Denise ABC Team

  4. Love your adventure.
    If things went perfectly it would be so boring and you would have dull memories to talk about. (:0)
    Love your photos and hope your shoes have dried out completely now.

  5. Hhaha! I love the description of how to play cricket!

    Pembroke looks marvelous, indeed a magical place. Except for where Bluey refused to budge, that is. :))

  6. What a pain to have a breakdown. Glad you were able to get it fixed and be able to have your holiday. Photos are gorgeous. Love the ones of the sunset.

  7. Oh my! That must have been a bit scary for you all...the tide can certainly turn suddenly and you're all awash! I can see the wet on your pants, but poor Bluey must have sensed danger for her to have stopped like that. Glad you got back to the cottage and dried out. Sounds like a great place! I'm heading to Wales this summer for a few days, but will return for a longer stay another time. Have a marvelous week,

    abcw team

  8. The moon is always mystical and magical.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. what an adventure - there's a story to tell round the fire at night for a while to come. I hope the shoes have recovered

  10. Majestic views!

    Little MISSES
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  11. the moon and then the sunset are amazing!

  12. Oh Jane..what a great post. A beautiful place and I could almost smell the ocean....I use Google's own Picasa for collages. It is free and easy and does other editing as well....


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