Tuesday, 10 July 2012

ABC Wednesday and Z is for ...

Hello - ABC Wednesday and Z is for Zombie - and this has been me this past week or so !! I think I have an addiction - not drug addiction - alcohol addiction (well only a little bit) chocolate addiction - compulsive shopping addiction - ( I do like a good sale )- but I think I have blogger addiction- which has been newly discovered this week when my PC went belly up- well actually the internet went down. Numerous calls frantically to my provider - only to receive confirmation that a fault maybe on the line- and that numerous tests would be carried out - results !! Zilch - must be a connection on our side ! - unplug this and that - all requests thoroughly carried out- to no avail - next stage I was told was to call out an engineer £50 call out fee I declined and took my pc off to our man that can at the local shop to be checked out - and it was given the thumbs up. So home again heart in mouth - plugged everything in - nothing! - another call to the provider - oh yes a fault had now been found on the line and it would be rectified within 72 hours - well guess the rest - anyway here we are back on line complete with a new router. So to celebrate this occasion I am posting a few fav pics of the week and linking to ABC Wednesday - Our World Tuesday and Nature Notes
Whittington Castle - a brilliant setting for a plant fair - a jolly affair - an annual event where plants and seeds could be bought - the weather was sunny - pretty good for waterlogged Shropshire
I just could not resist those plants and I was well pleased with my purchases which included a white lupin and a ladybird Poppy and several packets of poppy seeds
We walked round the castle afterwards - enjoyed a cup of coffee and watched the swans swimming on the moat
The mallard was loudly marshalling her ducklings - who were intent on escaping from her clutches
The coot family - with their adolescent family
I have been trying for weeks to get a shot of these two bullfinches on the feeder together - and now I have missed to get their tails - perhaps next time aren't they beautiful!


  1. Beautiful fortress. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. Love duckling photo and last shot is sooooo colorful ~ excellent photography ~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  3. The bullfinches are beautiful..as are the ducklings, coots, plants you bought , swans, and castle. You didn't expect me to choose a favourite did you!
    Jane x

  4. What an idyllic day! Thanks for the experience.

  5. I am addicted also to blogging these days, hihihi. I get euphoric when I see a comment in my post/s coz I think, blogs are useless if others did not read it, right?

    Thank you for sharing your part of the world, UK is a beautiful place. I hope to get to know you more through your future posts. Would you care that we follow each other? Take care :D

  6. Oh, I just hate how tied to the computer I am.
    Nothing seems to get the hackles up like not being able to keep up with my blogging friends.
    I'm so glad things are finally back to normal.

  7. Amusing way to incorporate Z into your post! lol Poor you! I feel the same way when my computer goes down - it's like I'm suddenly imprisoned with no way to communicate with anyone. I love your photos, including your header! Just lovely...

    abcw team

  8. I can relate to the zombie feeling. I have a newborn son!

    Great idea for Z!!!

    If you get a chance, stop by my blog and "Like" Hood Photography on Facebook! Thanks!

  9. Glad your PC is up and working again. Our broadband is that slow it's painful:(. I saw the plant sale advertised - you've got some gorgeous plants. I've been past Whittington castle along by the moat but never been inside. Looks like a lovely day out there.

  10. It was nice to see a weekend when the sun appeared, just the time for a plant sale, certainly computer connectivity is a must in a rainy 'summer'.
    Joy - ABC Team

  11. I admit a certain addition to the PC. I left the laptop for 5 days last week and missed it terribly.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  12. I so enjoyed looking at your photos...I'll come back and visit again...:)

  13. Delightful captures.

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  14. OK, now I want a moat :)

    lovely place
    you got some beautiful plants

  15. I'm afraid I am also addicted to the Internet. Oh how upset I would be if my computer were no longer connected to the outside world!

    Love the castle you chose to celebrate. And aren't those ducklings cute?

  16. I read Dianne's comment and I have always said that I would love to have high walls and a moat around my house...Beautiful area and the plants you selected are so colorful..sorry about your recent issues and hope you don't have any more of them Jane...Michelle

  17. I would be lost without my internet connection. The castle is beautiful and what a great place for a plant sale. You chose some lovely flowers and plants. I enjoy seeing the birds from your part of the world, they are beautiful. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.

  18. What a lot of great shots this week! A plant sale at a castle - what could be better!?

    The birds on the feeder are pretty, as are the swimming swans.

    I really enjoyed this post very much :)

  19. I confess to an addiction to internet too but seem to have escaped the shopping and chocolate ones :) I'm glad it has been sorted out for you. The mallard shots were especially touching.

  20. Marvelous...I enjoy seeing your pictures: magnificent!
    Thank you for that!

  21. Thankyou all for calling by and thankyou for your comments

  22. Some lovely picture collection I must say

    PhenoMenon, ABCW Team


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