Tuesday, 17 July 2012

ACC Wednesday and A is for ...

Abc Wednesday and A is for Awesome and Amazing - not my words - but the words of our local vicar - one night this week - and I thought I would like to share this experience with you. A member of my family is being confirmed this week and I am his sponsor and went along with him to a class for support - he has dyslexia and has a fear of filling out forms - so I am his pen and ink so to speak. Our vicar was talking about his own experiences and how he was called to the church. He just simply said that he was doing community work at the time and the minister was unable to take the service he was reading a passage from St Matthew Chapter 28 - about spreading the word - as he read the words it was not his voice that he heard but another strange voice in his head - and so he simply said -'So here I am' A is for Attingham we walk there regularly - Attingham is National Trust and a peopls place - the walks are all planned out for all levels of ability - we usually take the mile walk - my shots are taken from this walk - a variation walk can be taken through the woods and that is what is what we sometimes do.
Blue waits patiently for that woman with the lense!!
Can you see the swan in the reeds - the river was really fast flowing today
Blue leads the way - everything is so green this year comparing to last years parched ground and trees
This thistle head was the breakfast table for a host of black beetles
I thought this tree and fungi looked quite elegant
One of my favourite pathways
And my final A is for Allotment - the pride and joy of OH - the Apples are doing well
This Artichoke plant is in its second year and is destined for a floral decoration
These plants certainly grow huge - but I love them they are far to pretty to eat!! Linking up with ABC Wednesday - Nature Notes and Our World Tuesday - Thanks for your company


  1. Great walk!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. I've never seen an artichoke on the plant before!
    Jane x

  3. It is an awesome world. The photographs are all gorgeous. Carver ABC-Wed. Team

  4. What an awesome walk. I'd love to do it sometime, too. I do so enjoy walking in nature and taking photos along the way. Have an awesome week, Jane,

    abcw team

  5. an affable post!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. i love the name of your dog, Blue.
    and thanks for sharing photos of an artichoke--i haven't seen the plant in real life.:p

    A is for...

  7. Same here I have not heard a dogs name Blue this is my first.

    Inviting you to join. Water World Wednesday

  8. Beautiful pics! But artichokes are soo delicious, Jane...

  9. I have always dreamt of walking in the woods near my cottage house (in my case, wheel through the woods since i use the wheelchair fulltime) and commune with nature! Maybe because I live in an urban jungle, I appreciate the rural scene more. Thanks for sharing the awesome photos seen in the woods.

    Have a great week, Ms Jane! :D

  10. This is a beautiful area Jane which I think you showed off beautifully...I am a retired special education teacher so this post also touched my heart.. Thank you for linking up to Nature Notes...Michelle

  11. Lovely photos. The artichoke is particularly cool.

  12. Oh a lovely dog. Blue reminds me of our lovely Border Collie Hana who died just over 2years ago, she would walk ahead as well, then stop and look around, Oh how we miss her.

  13. What a cute bus- it would be special to ride it:)


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