Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A gift on the door step

Exchange of knowhow by well experienced gardening folk down the local pub - resulted in my gift on the doorstep - two well grown auriculas easy peasy to grow apparently - I have yet to succeed - I bought mine this year from Jersey Plants as plugs - but I was so pleased to receive these beautiful plants and shall carefully look after them.

A lot has been happening during the past two weeks both in the garden and the allotment . Whilst we were away on the Scilly Isles - I bought lots of different plants and bulbs.
Two very large Bella Donna lily bulbs - and a Nerine Lily bought for just a £1 - into a honesty box on our St Marys walk around - these are now all planted up in pots.

Special purchase at the Eden Project Acacia Dealabata has settled in and looking healthy - fingers crossed

Down the allotment the allotment gardener has been tidying up - and has pulled giant beetroot from the plot - albeit to tough to eat! - but great for a guess the weight for charity - at the local pub - interesting project underway at the allotment to produce a scarecrow lookalike - seen at the Eden Project on the Allotments of the World

In the green house Species Streptocarpus Concord and Caulescens are still flowering these are two of my favourites and a Christmas Cacti I think it is pale pink has huge buds waiting to burst open

I have dug my dahlias up and these will be dusted with sulphur when they have dried out - I was so surprised because I set 3 tubers in the Spring - which I bought from the League of Friends at the Hospital - Bishop of Llandaff was the name of the one - a really deep red - and now they have produced all these tubers - of course I dont know which is which!

Just look at the allotment gardeners sweet peas - they are doing really well - trick is to keep them away from the mice - if there are any - hopefully not - but of course if word gets out - who knows!

Primula Johanna bought at the Malvern Show has been put in the cold greenhouse to prevent it damping off - if the weather is to wet - which of course it will be!

The colours of the Acer Palmatum Shaina in the border are such a gorgeous shade and the holly tree is covered in berries - downside is the weeds continue to flourish and leaves are everywhere waiting to be swept up

Finally I have put the gnomes to bed in the greenhouse


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  2. Hi - Sorry - I dont know what happened above - I was trying to add that I had also made up my window boxes and would post a pic in the Spring - it came up twice I tried to delete the one - and ended up with none

  3. MiC is still talking to B on the phone while I'm typing this! Gosh you've been busy. I lifted my dahlias but have just bunged them in pots of soil in the tunnel. I don't think I'm going to sow my sweet peas until Feb this year - lost the blooming lot last year and had to start again. Love the picture - walking together in harmony. Aren't all the colours stunning this year. xxxx

  4. I would never have thought of digging up the dahlia tubers for the winter, no wonder mine don't survive. Wow and window boxes all made up too, you have been busy. I look forward to seeing the pics in the springtime

  5. Hi Molly and Posie - thanks for visiting - lovely to hear from you both - I will let you know how the dahlias and sweetpeas get on - hopefully better than last year 1 x


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