Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My Saturday - what did you do?

Well Saturday started off for me - much the same as any other - usual daily things - shopping to do - check on elderly father to see that he was ok - and then a few moments grabbed for self.
The autumn woods were splendid - the old oak trees - caught the sunlight on their trunks making them almost translucent- the younger saplings - a blaze of colour waving in the breeze.
I gazed down on the old disused railway line as I crossed the bridge - the line is now grown over with elder and hawthorn - but the ghost train I am sure still steams up here on frosty moonlit nights

A buzzard called overhead and a squirrel scuttled through the stacked up leaves.

Later on Saturday a visit was made to Shrewsbury - main purpose of the day was a visit to the Christmas Card Charity shop in St Marys Church.
What a fantastic backdrop to the busy stalls.
St Marys is renown for its stained glass windows and carved oak roof and is also said to have the third highest steeple in Britain.
We browsed around a while drinking in the serenity - and then out again into the hustle and bustle of the town.
Soon the Christmas lights will be switched on - Shrewsbury does it well - but I also like Chester at this time of year - I will tell you all about it if I visit


  1. What a lovely church. I've not been to Shrewsbury, but imagine there are so many interesting places to see.

  2. I've never been inside St Mary's. Must go and have a look when we next go to Shrewsbury. Stained glass window looks fabulous!

  3. I loved the Oak trees and the disused railway line, it looks so atmospheric....

  4. Hi Elizabeth- Molly and Posie - thanks for visiting my blog lovely to hear from you all - Elizabeth - Shrewsbury has 30 churches - and is a quaint town full of olde world charm - Molly St Marys is a busy church - always people looking round - it has a lot of history and a lot of tales to tell - Posie the disused railway line is called The Old Potts Line - it used to run from Shrewsbury to Llanymynech -

  5. Like your new profile pic - you look good!

  6. Thanks Molly I got fed up of being a flower - this shot was taken on holiday with the boys - in the kitchen - pity about all the background bottles


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