Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The School Run

Yesterday I was thinking back to my school days in the fifties and also to my fathers' schooldays in the 1920's - and comparing how the terminology above had changed in meaning.

These days my young grandsons sometimes walk the short distance to school - but more often than not they are dropped off by their mother in the Zafera on her way to work,and my grand daughter makes her way to college in her little Corsa.

How times have changed - my school mornings were very different , a two and half mile hike down the lanes and fields - wellies on - with my friend Janet and her brother Charles - we were no more than 7-8 - no fear then of abductions - we used to run - walk - and squabble all the way to school as kids do.

My father had to take a longer route as a child 3-4 miles with his brothers and friends - he tells tales of shortcuts across the fields - through hedges and fights on the way - and being told off if his boots were dirty - and of course the cane was used liberally in those days.

Some 30 years on I went to that same school - there were approx 30 -35 pupils - two teachers and two school rooms - called the little room and the big room!

Mrs Evans was the head teacher - always as I remember she wore navy blue - black laced up blocked high heeled boots and hair silver grey tied back in a large tight bun - she was very strict but a fair lady.You know the thing I remember most vividly were her spelling tests - one every morning without fail - a star on your book if you had no mistakes.

Where am I on the pic above - second row up - 4th from the right with a pinafore on and a bow in my hair - my friend Janet is seated at the front first on the right


  1. I recently blogged about my village schooldays...with the same sort of photo! how different things were then.

  2. You look an absolute little cutie!!

  3. Ahh fond memories...it is changed days regarding transport to schools, I think the busy roads and traffic and the fact that everyone is always in a rush has changed so much.

  4. How things change, not sure if its for the better though.

  5. Thankyou - Elizabeth - Molly -Posie and Jayne for visiting my blog - it was great hearing from you all x


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